Dieudonne Enterprises Logo THINKING+SAFETY=ZERO ACCIDENTS our safety program

      Dieudonne Enterprises’ goal is to be the safest contractor in our market. Safety is our top corporate value; and our emphasis on safety is evident on every project we build. Instead of simply complying with regulatory standards, Dieudonne Enterprises forcefully pursues excellence in construction safety. This has resulted in Dieudonne Enterprise having a superior safety record.

     Dieudonne Enterprises’ senior management is dedicated to providing an industry-leading safety management system by building and maintaining a comprehensive and strong safety culture for our people. Dieudonne Enterprises’ “THINKING+SAFETY=ZERO ACCIDENTS” program is the centerpiece of our safety initiative that reflects our goal of having zero incidents on each project. Our safety program emphasizes the importance of adherence to safety rules and regulations, communication and planning between employees on and off the jobsite, and accountability on all of our projects.

     Anthony Dieudonne, a member of Dieudonne Enterprises’ senior management, is Dieudonne Enterprises’ Safety Coordinator. He reports directly to Tina Dieudonne, Dieudonne Enterprises’ President. Mr. Dieudonne personally conducts daily jobsite inspections for compliance with safety rules and regulations. He monitors construction safety, enforces the requirements of Dieudonne Enterprises’ safety program and contract safety specifications. He is also in charge of Dieudonne Enterprises’ safety training.


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